Is Police Simulator Crossplay?

Is Police Simulator Crossplay?

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is an amazing simulation video game. Just like me if you are also wondering is Police Simulator crossplay or not, then this post is curated for you.

Crossplay is a demanded feature in online video games as it allows players to play together on different. Platforms in the same session of the game.

Unfortunately, Police Simulator is not Crossplay enabled, which restricts users from one console to play with the player using a different console.

Is Police Simulator Crossplay?

No, Police Simulator does not support crossplay compatibility with any of the consoles it’s available on. The makers of the game revealed that implementing crossplay is a heavy technical task that requires a lot of changes, which are not possible at this phase of the game. Hence, it lacks crossplay.

Will There Be Crossplay In Police Simulator In The Future?

As of now there’s no announcement from the makers side for bringing in the crossplay feature in the game. We can wait for a future update to enjoy the crossplay feature in Police Simulator.

Until then, we can stick to the available features in the game.

Is Police Simulator Split Screen?

Split screen feature allows players to team up on a single device. Unfortunately, there has been no news about the availability of split screen feature in Police Simulator as of now.

On What Platforms Can You Play Police Simulator?

Police Simulator can be played on the following platforms at present:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours is Police simulator?

It takes around 12-15 hours to complete all the 25 Patrol Officers’ achievements in the Police Simulator.

Does the Police Simulator have multiplayer?

Yes, Police Simulator supports multiplayer, allowing 2 players to play together in online co-op multiplayer mode.


In this article, we learned that Police Simulator: Patrol Officers does not allow crossplay features. The game is available to play in single-player and multiplayer modes.

You can play the game on multiple platforms like Xbox consoles, PlayStation, and PC (Steam). Until we get any official announcement regarding the crossplay update in the game, it’s better to wait.


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