Is Fishing Planet Cross Platform?

Is Fishing Planet Cross Platform?

Do you need a fishing partner to level up your game in Fishing Planet. Well, for that we need to figure out is Fishing Planet cross platform enabled or not.

Fishing Platform is a popular first-person online multiplayer fishing simulator. It’s a true-to-life fishing game highly appreciated for its realistic gaming experience.

Fishing planet offers a realistic virtual fishing experience to the players. Unfortunately, the game is not cross-platform, but players using Xbox consoles can crossplay with PC players. How? Read the post to know the full information.

Is Fishing Planet Cross Platform?

Fishing Planet does not support cross-platform between all the platforms. Fishing Planet allows players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S to crossplay with PC players. But there’s a catch. Only if the Windows 10 players download the game from Microsoft store and not Steam.

Fishing Planet does not support cross platform play between any other platforms like PlayStation 4 or 5, Steam, iOS, and Android.

The reason why Xbox players can crossplay with Microsoft players is because of the same ecosystem. You can directly go to your “friends” menu and search for other player’s Gamertag. Then, add them into the same session, either in a friends-only lobby or random play.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Levels Are There In Fishing Planet?

There are in total 80 levels in Fishing Planet.

Does Fishing Planet have multiplayer?

Yes, Fishing Planet is an online multiplayer game.


No to get disheartened as the game makers might plan to add the cross platform compatibility in Fishing Planet in the coming updates in the future. Until there’s an official announcement from their side, you can enjoy other first person simulation games that support cross platform play.

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