Is DRG Cross Platform? Play Multiplayer Across Platforms!

Is DRG Cross Platform

If you are a fan of destructive shooter games, then DRG or Deep Rock Galactic is a must try. Multiplayer shooter games like DRG are enjoyed better when played with friends. This brings us to the question Is DRG cross platform enabled?

Cross-platform is a feature that allows different players playing on different platforms to play in the same gaming session together. Many online video games have installed this feature, looking at its growing demand.

If you are searching if or not DRG is cross platform play enabled, then the answer is yes. You can play DRG across differnt platforms but the access is limited to some gaming platforms only.

Is DRG Cross Platform?

Yes, DRG is partially cross platform, that means players get to play together across different selected platforms in the same session of the game.

Right now Deep Rock Galactic is cross platform between Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC via Windows. This means if you and your friends use any of these platforms, then you get to enjoy cross platform compatibility.

Unfortunately, DRG is not crossplay between Playstation consoles, and PC via Steam. the developers of the game may add the crossplay feature across PlayStation consoles in the coming updates in the game.

Does Deep Rock Galactic Support Cross-Progression?

Yes, DRG supports cross-progression, which means that if you switch to any new platform to play Deep Rock Galactic, then all your progress will be saved and can be carried to that console.

Unlike the crossplay feature, the cross-progression feature is available across all platforms.


In the end, DRG may get full cross-platform compatibility across all platforms in the coming future. Until there’s any official announcement from the developers of the game, let’s wait and enjoy the available features of the game.


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