Is Vigor Cross Platform?

Is Vigor Cross Platform

If you are into brutal online survival shooter games, then you must have played Vigor. Vigor comes with multiplayer mode allowing friends to team up together. But is Vigor cross platform or not, let find out.

Vigor falls in the category of looter shooter games, where the last person surviving, wins. Initially in 2019, the game was available only on Xbox One and then later it got released on other platforms as well.

The good news is yes, Vigor supports partial cross platform play compatibility. Now what are the platforms on which you can play Vigor together in the same multiplayer session?

Is Vigor Cross Platform?

Yes, Vigor is Cross Platform play but it is limited to some platforms only like Xbox and Ninetendo. Vigor can be played across these platforms allowing players to enjoy the diversity of gaming platforms.

Vigor is not cross platform across all consoles. This means that PlayStation players can not play cross platform with Xbox players.

Is Vigor Crossplay?

Yes, Vigor supports crossplay compatibility, but only partially. You can play Vigor crossplay between Xbox and Nintendo Switch. But there’s a condition that players can only play as opponents in the game and not as a team in the crossplay mode.

Other than these platforms, the game is not crossplay compatible. 

On What Platforms Can You Play Vigor?

At present Vigor is available on different gaming platforms like Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


In this post, we came across various platforms on which you can play Vigor. But Vigor is only cross platform compatible with Xbox and Ninetendo. We can wait for future updates in the game to enjoy full cross platforms play compatibility in the game. 


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