Is Gang Beast Crossplay?

Is Gang Beast Crossplay

The popular Indie, party, simulation video game Gang Beast allows players to play in single and multiplayer modes. For all those wondering Is Gang Beast crossplay, let’s find out together.

Gang Beast is more of a party animal game. The game has so many fun elements that extend even more when played with friends. 

The good news is Gang Beasts does support crossplay feature but limited to some platforms only. Now which are these platforms and how to enable the crossplay in Gang Beasts let’s find out here.

Is Gang Beast Crossplay?

Yes, Gang Beast allows crossplay support between platforms like Xbox consoles and Microsoft Windows. This means if your friends have a PC and you have an Xbox console, then you can enjoy the crossplay feature and play together.

Other than these platforms, Gang Beasts does not support crossplay between any other platform.

Understanding The Challenges of Implementing Crossplay

Crossplay has become an important feature in online video games as it makes playing with friends easy without having to shift to the same gaming platforms. However, there are many complications with introducing the crossplay feature in a game.

Any game like Gang Beast, which was originally developed without the crossplay feature, it requires a lot of time, investments and even political and marketing features to be taken care of.

Hence, a game with a pre-installed crossplay feature saves a lot of money and time for the developers, unlike one with post-installation of the crossplay feature.

On What Platforms Can You Play Gang Beasts?

Gang Beasts can be played on different platforms like Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Play Station 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Play Gang Beasts On PS5?

Yes, you can play the PS4 version of Gang Beasts on PS5. As the game is not available on PS5 at the moment, but you can still enjoy the PS4 version on your latest PS5 console.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform?

Yes, Gang Beats supports cross-platform play between Microsoft Windows and Xbox consoles. 


Let’s just wait for a while until there’s an official update from the game makers. There are rumors that Gang Beasts will support crossplay via Xbox Game Pass, but for PlayStation players, the news remains uncertain.


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