Is Pummel Party Crossplay 2024?

Is Pummel Party Crossplay 2024?

Pummel Party is a perfect game for small parties and gatherings, supporting up to 8 players. Built and published by Rebuilt Games, it is an arcade multiplayer game that consists of various minigames. It will bring fun and joy to your friends and family.

You can play this game both online and offline with your friends making it an entertaining experience for all. Minigames range from racing to combat arenas, from guns to cliff fights, which require luck as well as skill. It runs on a game board structure, in which players have to earn points by competing in minigames, thus increasing the chances of overall winning.

But is it crossplay? Let’s find out.

Pummel Party Gameplay

Pummel Party is an arcade, 4-8 player party game. Pummel Party means to pummel your teammates across modes like Board mode, Minigames, puzzles, etc. The game has a bright and colorful theme with goofy cartoon characters. 

Because of their fun and simple gameplay, this game receives a good amount of positive reviews. It is designed to be played with your closest friends and cousins. Playing minigames together may result in chaos, but it will bring out the competitive spirit with an abundance of laughter and fun.

Is Pummel Party Crossplay?

Crossplay is a popular feature that connects people across different platforms. For all those wondering if Pummel Party Crossplay or not, then here’s the news for you.

Unfortunately, the Pummel Party does not support crossplay. It is just a multiplayer game that can cater to up to 8 players both locally and over the internet.

But the good news is that in April 2024, the Pummel Party released their game for Xbox and PlayStation Store. As they are now on different platforms, they must be working on the crossplay capabilities to unite their players.

On What Platforms Can You Play Pummel Party?

This game is already available for:

  • PC (Steam)
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation Store


In the end, Pummel Party is now available for all popular platforms. There are high chances that they’ll be working on crossplay to bring it for their game as soon as possible.


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