Is Marvel Rivals Crossplay 2024?

Is marvel rivals crossplay 2024?

The iconic fighting action game Marvel Rivals swept the audience like crazy with its PC version. Fans have been crazily waiting for the Marvel Rivals crossplay update, which recently got some ray of light as Miller Ross spilled the beans!

“Marvel Rivals” is a superhero team-based game, developed and published by NetEase Games in collaboration with Marvel Games. As they are in collaboration with Marvel Games, it features eighteen characters from Marvel Comics.

Recently Miller Ross (the Marvel Rivals leaker) confirmed the news that Marvel Rivals comes with a pre-installed crossplay infrastructure. This means that if the Marvel Rivals is set to be released on other platforms than PC, then players would be able to access the crossplay feature. Let’s dig in deep.

Marvel Rivals Gameplay

Marvel Rivals is a third-person shooter game. It also features destructible environments. The characters that are featured in this game are Hulk, SpideMan, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Star Lord, Loki, Groot, Mantis, Raccoon, Namor, Peni Parker, Magik, Storm, Magneto, Hela, Scarlet Witch, The Punisher and Luna Snow. 

The location used in this game is Tokyo and Asgard, in the year 2099.

The highlight of this game is, that it features a 6 vs 6 battle, in which you can join your friends to fight your enemies. To beat your opponents, you can use different strategies, even you can Team-Up with your teammates to defeat them.

Is Marvel Rivals Crossplay?

Crossplay is a popular feature that connects people together. For all those wondering if Marvel Rivals Crossplay or not, then here’s the news for you.

As per the updates, Marvel Rivals has already developed its crossplay infrastructure. Right now, Marvel Rival is only available for PC but soon they’re going to release it for consoles as their Steam version is now supporting Xbox as well as PS5.

To your surprise, the availability of Marvel Rivals on all these platforms will unlock the crossplay feature within the game. 

On What Platforms You Can Play Marvel Rivals?

This game is yet to be released for PCs. For consoles, there is no official release date but according to some unofficial news, the release can be in the middle of 2025.


In the end, let’s just wait until there’s any official confirmation from the makers of the game regarding any crossplay update in the Marvel Rivals. Up till then, you can explore other PVP Shooter games available online. Happy Gaming!


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