Is Palworld Crossplay in 2024?

Is Palworld Crossplay?

If you are planning to buy Palworld but are unsure whether it is Crossplay or not, Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Palworld is an action and adventure survival game set in an open world around the island of Palpagos. The game was released as an early access in January, 2024 and is developed by a Japanese developer company called Pocket Pair.

In a nutshell, Palworld doesn’t not support Crossplay at all from the time of its launch in January, 2024. Here is all you should know about the gameplay and the possibility of Crossplay functionality to be added in future updates of the game.

Is Palworld Crossplay?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing Palworld doesn’t support Crossplay at all. While most of the games these days are released with Crossplay as a default feature, the absence of Crossplay in Palworld was a disappointment for some players.

However, it did not stop players from engaging in the battle with the animal-like creatures in the game referred to as “Pals.” To play the game in online co-op mode, players must have the same gaming console and have bought the game from the same distribution service.

What Is The Gameplay Of Palworld?

In Palworld, the players explore an open world in an island that is full of animal-like creatures called Pals. The name came from the Pokemon with guns. The players can also customise their characters accordingly.

It is a third person perspective survival game, where players need to capture Pals and then use them to perform various tasks and engage in battles. Pals can also be bought from non-playing characters in the game. 

Will Palworld Support Crossplay In the Future?

With the increase in demand for Crossplay in all multiplayer games, most games are released with Crossplay as a default feature in the game. Players can choose to either play solo or in a multiplayer mode which allows up to 32 players on one server.

However, Palworld doesn’t support Crossplay but still it became the best selling game. The developers of Palworld, Pocket Pair have already made an announcement regarding the Crossplay and player vs player feature to be added to the game in the upcoming updates in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Palworld Crossplay On PS5?

Unfortunately, at the moment Palworld is unavailable on any version of PlayStations.

Is Palworld Crossplay Between Game Pass And Steam?

Palworld doesn’t support Crossplay between Game pass and Steam, to play together in multiplayer mode players must have a game bought from the same distribution service.

Is Palworld Crossplay Between Xbox And PC?

Although Palworld doesn’t support Crossplay at all, only if PC users have bought the game from the Xbox Store, they can play with any Xbox users.


With the release of its early access in January, 2024, Palworld became a fan’s favourite. However, the absence of Crossplay has disappointed many people. The developers of the game have announced that they are planning to introduce Crossplay and cross platform features in the upcoming updates of the game. 


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