Helldivers 2: Is it crossplay?

Helldivers 2: Is it crossplay?

After the massive success of Helldivers 2, more people want to indulge in its cooperative shooting. But whether Helldivers 2 Crossplay or not, you will get to know soon.

Helldivers 2 is a sequel to one of the best shooting games Helldivers, 2015. It was released on 8 February, 2024 and developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. The key features include a never expiring battle pass and a multiplayer mode with up to 4 players.

Now you can enjoy your favourite game with your friends despite what platform they use as Helldivers support Crossplay. However it is limited to some platforms. Let’s find out in this article, which platforms are compatible for Crossplay in Helldivers and how to use it.

Is Helldivers 2 Crossplay?

In this dynamic world of technology and new innovations in the gaming industry, Crossplay has become an integral part for any multiplayer game. It allows players to team up with the other players despite the platform or system they use.

Helldivers does support Cross Platform but is limited to a few platforms at the moment. There are other issues as well related to the topic, if players own the game on two platforms, their progress and character upgradation can not be transferred.

On Which Platforms Helldivers 2 Support Crossplay?

Helldivers 2 was released worldwide on 8 February, 2024 and became a huge success. It is one of the fastest selling games within 12 weeks, it sold 12 million units.

The game is available on only two platforms, PlayStation 5 and Windows, via Steam. The Crossplay functionality is available on both systems as a default feature.

How Crossplay Works in Helldivers 2?

The Crossplay feature is automatically enabled in the game by default. However, you still have to invite your friends to play with them. The first thing you need to do is add them to your in-game friend list.

Then, you can send them an invite whenever you wish to play the game. Although you can turn off the Crossplay feature from the device’s settings, we recommend keeping it on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Helldivers 2 Support Cross-Progression?

Unfortunately, as of now, Helldivers 2 doesn’t support Cross-Progression which means you cannot transfer your progress between platforms.

How To Fix Crossplay Issues in Helldivers 2?

You should turn off Crossplay from the settings and restart the game, contact customer support if the issue persists.

Does Helldivers 2 Support Crossplay Between PC And Xbox?

Crossplay functionality in Helldivers 2 is not supported between platforms like PC and Xbox because currently the game is unavailable on Xbox.


In conclusion, the online shooting game Helldivers 2 supports Crossplay between PC and PS5 only. It is automatically enabled in the device’s settings which players can turn off manually. So, only players having PC and PS5 can play together in the co-op mode.


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