Is Dying Light 2 Crossplay?

Is Dying Light 2 Crossplay?

Role playing survival games become 10 times better when played with friends. Dying Light 2, with all its popularity in the action survival genre video games, holds a massive user base. For all those searching is Dying Light 2 Crossplay or not, let’s understand the game modes together.

The open-world setup and the combat feature in Dying Light 2 are the upper hands of the game, whereas the storyline didn’t seem to impress the audience so much. Do you know that over 3000 parkour animations are embedded in this Dying Light sequel, making the gaming experience smooth.

Dying Light 2 supports crossplay but this comes with platform restrictions. What platforms are crossplay compatible and what other modes can you enjoy in the game, let’s discover.

Is Dying Light 2 Crossplay?

Dying Light 2 supports crossplay but not across all platforms. Only the players using consoles of the same generation can access the Dying Light 2 crossplay. 

This means if you and your friends have consoles from same generation, say Xbox One and Xbox series X/S, then you can play along with your friends in crossplay mode.

But if you have different console generations, like Xbox and Playstation, then you won’t be able to enjoy the crossplay compatibility on Dying Light 2.

Is Dying Light 2 Cross Platform?

No, Dying Light 2 doesnot support cross platform play feature. This means that you and your friends cannot play cross platform if you have different consoles like PC and PlayStation, or Xbox and Ninetendo.

Does Dying Light 2 Have Multiplayer?

Yes, you can play Dying Light 2 in multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode has two sections, Friends and Random Join. You can play the game in either mode.

To play the game with your friends in multiplayer mode, you must ensure that your friends are added to your list through the platform they are connected or the game. 

You can now easily add your friends from the “Friends” tab in the online menu. You can also invite your friends to join in the multiplayer mode.

On What Platforms Can You Play Dying Light 2?

At present, Dying Light 2 is available to stream on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

You can enjoy the game in single player and multiplayer modes on the above mentioned platforms.


The popular role playing survival action game Dying Light 2 is crossplay restricted to consoles of the same generation. Hopefully, in future updates, the game makers will add the cross platform compatibility in Dying Light 2. We will keep you updated with any official announcements related to the game.


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