Clash Of Clans: How to Beat Noble Number 9 Challenge?

Clash Of Clans: How to Beat Noble Number 9 Challenge?

Clash of Clans keeps on adding new challenges and events to keep players hooked. One recent addition is the Noble Number 9 Challenge which tests your skills and strategic abilities to play the game. 

While this new challenge may seem difficult to complete at the first attempt, but who said you can’t master a three-star attack at this level? Don’t lose hope as we have some exciting strategies to beat the challenge in your first go.

To beat Noble Number 9 you can start from the top side of the base and Archer Queen in line with the dotter heads making full use of her abilities. This way you’ll be able to jump to the next move and get closer to getting a three-star in the challenge.

How to beat Noble Number 9 Challenge In Clash Of Clans?

Noble Number 9 is the 7th challenge in the Erling Haaland season lineup. Erling Haaland’s season requires you to get 35 stars to complete the whole season quest. The Noble Number 9 challenge is designed with a football theme that needs special attention to the details to score a 3 star in the challenge.

To beat Noble Number 9 challenge you can follow the below given hacks and focus on each move, because one wrong move can prove fatal.

1. Start from the top side of the base and use the Archer Queen in line with the dotter heads, using her abilities fully. 

2. Then wait for a while and use the yellow cards in the invisibility spell tower, and drop two super minors. Then go back up top and drop two giant throwers.

3. Go to the center of the base and release 1, 2, and 3 at the sneaky goblins, grab the invisibility spell and throw it towards the sand castle.

4. Now go to the right side and drop an archer in the center and use earthquake spells and one lightening to destroy all the hidden tassels.

5. Zoom back out and drop a goblin at the dark storage. Now zoom at the bottom and release the giant thrower, the bowler and the barbarian kicker and wait for the queen and the troops to move from the other side of the base to take on the heroes.

6. At the end hide your heroes and use the yellow card to combat the hurdles and building to get 3 stars.

KUDOS!! You succeeded in beating the Noble Number 9 challenge!

Wrapping Up

The Noble Number 9 challenge requires strategic moves and the right use of your spells. Carefully follow the step by step execution of the moves given above to combat hurdles and tackle the challenge, scoring 3 star victory.


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