Is war thunder crossplay in 2024?

Is war thunder crossplay in 2024?

War Thunder is a free-to-play award-winning simulation multiplayer game with over 70 million registered players. Want to know if it supports crossplay, we have got you covered.

War Thunders is one of the most prominent vehicle simulation video games that was developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment. Players can use a variety of ships, planes, and vehicles from other countries to engage in combat in the air, on land, and underwater. 

Luckily, War Thunders supports crossplay across different platforms. But before digging in you should know which devices are compatible with the game and how to play. In this article, you will be provided with all the necessary knowledge you need to start your journey with War Thunders.

Is War Thunder Crossplay?

Yes, War Thunder supports crossplay and the implementation of crossplay has enhanced the overall gaming experience. It offers seamless cross-platform functionality across different platforms such as PC, Playstations, and Xbox.

War Thunder is crossplay across almost all the platforms. To get started all you need to do is search for your friend’s id and add them as a friend. Whenever you want to play, simply send them an invite.

What Is The Gameplay Of War Thunder?

War Thunder is a free-to-play online vehicular combat game that allows players to ride a variety of aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles. You can either play solo or in multiplayer mode. However, teamwork is an essential component for success in the game.

The in-game currency allows players to upgrade their vehicles and characters. It offers a wide variety of gaming modes, events, and tournaments. The competitive gameplay makes players get engaged in the game.

Is War Thunder Mobile And PC Crossplay?

The mobile and PC versions of the online video game War Thunders are not connected. They have their own servers and War Thunder cannot be played cross-platform on PCs or mobile devices. 

Cross-platform is enabled on mobile versions of the game. However, it is limited to mobile devices only. This implies that gamers on Android and iOS can engage in multiplayer gaming. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is War Thunder Crossplay Between Xbox And PS5?

Yes, War Thunder supports crossplay between Xbox and PS5, but need to make sure you use Xbox One and Xbox Series X or S.

Can I Use My Xbox War Thunder Account On PC?

If you are switching from Xbox to PC, you can log into your PC and retain your progress. 


Crossplay has become a prominent feature of any multiplayer game in the dynamic world of online video games. In this guide, we have discussed the gameplay and crossplay implementation in War Thunder.


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