Is Deceit 2 Cross Platform?

Is Deceit 2 Cross Platform?

Deceit 2 became one of the most loved social horror deduction online games. Till now everything looks exciting about the game, an addition of cross platform would do wonders.

Cross-platform is an important feature for multiplayer games like Deceit 2, where you have to team up against your enemies across different platforms. 

Is Deceit 2 cross-platform compatible or not? The good news is Yes, Deceit 2 does support crossplay feature allowing players to play together across different platforms.

Deceit 2 Gameplay

Deceit 2 comes with an interesting gaming concept, where the gameplay is divided into 3 parts/teams: The Infected, The Innocent, and The Cursed.

The players have to figure out who is a liar and who’s telling the truth among the three teams. The Innocent team is assigned tasks to survive. They need to watch out for any suspicious behaviour.

Team Infected targets the Innocent and secretly tries to kill them. Their main target is to eliminate other players and win at game.

Team Cursed, just like the name suggests, is designed to create chaos and disrupt the game. 

Apart from three team missions, there are different roles and maps to explore in the game. You get to customize your character by unlocking skins and other grants. 

Is Deceit 2 Cross Platform?

Yes, Deceit 2 supports crossplay, which means you and your friends can now play across different platforms together. Now, you do not need to be on the same consoles to play the same. 

You can play in teams with your friends with the Deceit 2 crossplay feature. Deceit 2 can be played in cross-platform multiplayer mode on Xbox.

What platform is Deceit 2 on?

Right now, Deceit 2 is available on PlayStation 5 and Steam. You can play the game in online multiplayer mode on these platforms. 

Is Deceit 2 Multiplayer?

Yes, Deceit 2 supports multiplayer online mode. Now you can add upto 9 players in the multiplayer mode making the gameplay more intense and interesting.


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