7 Best Drew McIntyre Movies That You Shouldn't Miss

By: Aspiring Robot

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Andrew McLean Galloway commonly known as Drew McIntyre. But the wrestler turned actor have created some best movies that you should watch. In this story we will talk about the 7 best Drew McIntyre movies.

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1. The Killer's Game

The Killer's Game is released in 2024 is a story of a to hitman Joe Flood, who is diagnosed with a critical illness. Watch how he eliminate the army of assassins to save his ex-girlfriend.

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2. WWE Presents SmackDown: The Best of 2009-2010

A recap of every child's favorite wrestling show.

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3. Real Vampires Kill Man In Texas

Shea Weldon Ronsonette directed Real Vampires Kill Man In Texas.

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4. The Cursed

A Horror drama that you must watch this weekend.

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5. The Cursed: Future Shock

A zombie horror drama that gives you chills through your spine.

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6. Best Pay Per View Matches of 2011

A PPV's documentary of your favorite wrestler that you should check out.

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7. Over the Limit 2010

Over the limit is a pay-per-view for the professional wrestler.


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