Mostly made this video to try to save a life struggling with RSI it's the worst but some things can help!!

Besides the fact that they're almost unreasonably fun

I review some old goals and make some new ones.

Here's to 2018.

I go to Edinburgh. I talk about cameras and authenticity. I get rained on!

These are all from the last month we are trash lol

This really was the best title I could think of

I was alone my last day in San Francisco, so I filmed it so we can all kind of go to San Francisco together!

I encourage you to seek out causes that you care about and do something to help. I also encourage you to love and be loved by the people in your life.

Hey did I mention enough times that I have a new podcast??

I mean, in a house. In the woods.

In which Quinn writes down a lot of quotes she likes and describes why words are important.

This is why we can't do live shows.

There were SO MANY PLACES I couldn't go to take me back

NerdCon was incredible, Nerdfighteria is incredible, Hank and John are incredible, you are incredible.

In which I reflect on a personal journey, A some Qs, and just generally talk for too long about stuff.

Some musings about the work I'm doing/not doing

You're not alone. We fight together.

I'm going to make it through this year if it kills me

The general opinion seems to be that 2016 was a raging dumpster fire... and when looking at the world, I don't disagree. But, my personal life was pretty great.

I spent three days this week recording and editing Solidly Mediocre and Mixed Feelings. Come, marvel at my #professional setup.

I just not-so-secretly want to be a booktuber, okay?

I'm in a student-run non-audition show choir that sings Broadway music. It brings me so much joy, especially this week, and I wanted to share a little bit of that.

Honestly I could talk about makeup for an hour. Analyzing everyday things through a contemporary feminist lens is my favorite hobby yes I'm quite fun at parties

Something a little different: I made a vlog about my day at Boston Comic Con!

A simple and easy guide!

After editing it's actually more like a minute and a half #overachieving

File this under "news that surprises absolutely no one"

So, so grateful for the response to this video. The RelayFM community is amazing.

But you don't have to!

I have a lot of feelings about Disney movies