Whoa-oh, We're Halfway There

Because I love to increase the cloud of vague anxiety that follows me everywhere, I started following @YearProgress on Twitter. It simply tweets out what percentage of the year has gone by, with a handy illustrative progress bar to hammer the point home. Yesterday, July 2, was officially halfway through 2018. Am I panicking? No! Should I be panicking? Maybe!

Being halfway through the year means I should, in theory, be halfway done my goals for 2018. In (rough) order of priority:

  1. Find a Job


  2. Save enough money to move

    • Also working on it, but unlike the opaque and confusing job search process, I confident that I’m on track to earn the amount of money I want to earn by the end of the summer.

  3. Get all A’s

    • I ended up with an A and two A-’s for my last semester of college, and considering what I dealt with during the semester, I’m pretty proud of this.

  4. Launch 2 new podcasts

    • Both are in the works—with one I’m making large strides, with the other I’m making a low simmer.

  5. Make 50 videos

    • After VEDJ, where I made 25 videos in one month, I’m actually AHEAD on this goal. I’m shocked at myeslf.

  6. Make a short film

    • The movie has been written and filmed! All that’s left to do is edit it, which is one of my big goals for July.

  7. Complete “2018” Lynda.com playlist

    • Oh… I haven’t even started this.

  8. Read 12 books

    • I’m right on track for this, and even amped up my reading goal to an ambitious 20 books over the summer. I might not/probably won’t reach the 20, but am completely confident I’ll hit 12.

  9. Practice Duolingo every day

    • I go in fits and starts with this, but it hasn’t clicked as a proper habit yet.

  10. Learn 2 new go-to meals

    • I’ve got two already: enchiladas and veggie stir fry. Considering I haven’t even moved out yet, this feels spectacular.

My goals are going reasonably well, but putting them aside, the first half of 2018 was… not great. A few difficult personal things happened in the first few months of the year that significantly brought me down, so between those and the whirlwind of senior spring I let go of pretty much all of my work after Mixed Feelings was over. Instead I focused on spending a lot of time with friends in my final weeks in school, which was the healing I needed and led to more amazing memories than I can recount here. It was time I truly needed to take, especially leading up to this summer, which is particularly work-focused and largely non-social. I don’t mind this very much, as I am generally a work-focused and non-social person.

Massive things happened in my life, and massive things are to come in the next half. Here’s to (what’s left of) 2018.