Welcome to Aspiring Robot.

This is a project that I started thinking about a year ago, started really planning almost four months ago, and am finally officially launching today.

I like to create things. Writing, art, videos, podcasts. Food, collages, songs, stories. No matter what it is, I just feel better about myself when I'm making something.

From now on I'll be regularly producing podcasts, videos, writing pieces (both fiction and non-fiction), and word art. While they will almost all be available on major distributors (podcast hosts, YouTube, and Tumblr), everything will also be centrally located on this website.

It's hard to say what I'm most excited about. I'm a regular consumer of podcasts and YouTube videos, so it's great to experience this world through the other side of the looking glass. I've also been a writer since I was six years old but never seriously pursued it, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops as I actually attempt to make my writing publicly available. And the word art... Well, that's just a lot of fun.

I hope you'll join me on this adventure, and get some enjoyment out of all my content experiments.

My name is Quinn Rose, and I aspire to be a robot.