October is one of my favorite months. Between some of the best weather of the year, warm fall drinks, and the incredible joy I take from every aspect of Halloween, it’s a cozy and wonderful time. So far in October I’ve visited a lot of family, but the rest of the month is devoted to… well, to a lot of work, of course.

My “blog every day in September” project was relatively successful, based on the goals I had for the month. I published a post, on average, about every other day in September. While this is far from “every day,” I knew from the beginning that was an unlikely goal. I was challenging myself with that extreme number after hardly writing at all for most of 2017 in order to kick myself into gear, and I’m happy with what I managed to produce. I also wrote about a lot more topics than I would usually cover, from discussions of art I had consumed, to commentary on news events, to musings about popular sayings. I’ll continue to write about these kinds of topics here on a roughly weekly basis (for now).

The September writing push also led to some more opportunities for me. Going forward I’m going to be a copywriter for the Internet Creators Guild—if you get their newsletter, you’ll soon be receiving my work in your inbox.

In October, I’m focusing more on video production. In the next week I’ll be publishing the first full video of my study abroad series, as well as the premiere of my revamped “In Defense of Disney” series. Both are more heavily scripted and edited than a lot of my previous videos, so I’m working hard to make sure they’re the quality I want them to be.

This month I’m also determined to caption all of my YouTube videos. It’s frankly inexcusable that they’ve gone un-captioned for so long, and this month I’m holding myself accountable for it.

Other stuff going on October (besides SPOOKY TIME) includes: preparing for a (modified) NaNoWriMo, research for a new podcast (oooh), preparing for the new season of Corner of the Sky, and hopefully making progress on the big question of What The Heck To Do After Graduation. Ah, knowledge of what one is doing and/or where one is living after May, that’s what dreams are made of.