Summer Podcasting

I uploaded Mixed Feelings episode 38 yesterday, which means that I've officially finished every summer episode of my podcasts in 2017.

I recorded shows at 2am to match with my cohost's schedule. I drove to my friend's mom and my mom's friend's house to get good enough internet to record panel shows. I recorded shows even when I was sick (if you thought my voice was a little strange on the Relay FM bonus episode, that's because I was ill and recorded it laying down on the floor).

I edited shows in Maine, California, Montreal, London, Bath, and Edinburgh; I edited on buses, trains, and planes. I uploaded them in dorm rooms, AirBnBs, and hostels. I uploaded one at Google in Mountain View.

Some episodes were late. Some episodes weren't very good. But the only episodes I missed were when my laptop was broken. I'm proud of my work this summer, and I'm excited to keep making bigger and better things this year.