Love What You Love

Question: Is this entire blog going to be a series of posts about how much I love nerdy people?

Answer: Yep!

I already wrote a blog post called “Weird People are My Favorite.” Because, you know, they’re the best. But today I want to talk about a specific aspect of nerdiness.

I love it when people love something so much that when you ask them about it, their faces light up instantly. When they hear or see something related to their esoteric geekery and they’re so excited they can’t contain themselves and must go speak to whoever brought it up. There’s a John Green quote about this: “nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff.” Here’s the thing: everyone’s a nerd about something. Even if that thing isn’t something you would think as stereotypically nerdy, everyone has something that they love more than the average person and feel passionate about it. One of my best friends is an unaggressively non-geeky person (in regards to gaming, comics, sci-if, etc.) but she’s obsessed with Taylor Swift and Grey’s Anatomy. I would absolutely call her a Taylor Swift geek because she texts me every single time Taylor Swift does anything that makes news (which is about every other day).

However, in my personal interpretation of this John Green quote, he’s talking about “nerds like us.” Nerds who not only love something, but are unafraid to act like huge dorks about it. I once had a friend who was not only nerdy, he was extremely passionate about what he loved, and would speak effusively about it to me. But when he was in public, or on social media, he felt the need to be “cool.” He had to act chill, unfazed, apathetic to other people, so they wouldn’t “judge” him or whatever he was worried about. When I thought about it, it honestly made me concerned. Why does he feel the need to stifle his authentic self for other people?

Although maybe I should spend less time feeling bad for an old friend and more time looking at how I act. Am I perfectly authentic all the time, regardless of circumstance?

*laughter in distance*

Certainly not. I’m awkward, I’m quiet, I try to blend in a crowd. I’m introverted and not naturally outgoing. I do, however, sing showtunes in CVS and dance down the street and rant enthusiastically about everything and fangirl over the people I love because being a fan is FUN. Loving stuff is FUN.

The way that I find to unlock my fangirl-ness is my friends. I like making friends with very outgoing and enthusiastic people. I joined a show choir that only performs musical theater, for goodness sakes. If there is a nerdier thing to do I have yet to discover it.

This is my one big piece of advice: love what you love. Shout about what you love. Sing what you love, learn what you love, create what you love. If you have trouble feeling comfortable with that, find people who love the same things you do, and talk to them about it. Find people who make you braver about sharing the most enthusiastic parts of you. I promise you, there’s nothing more beautiful than someone being excited about their passions.