Favorite Podcasts

I’m going to be honest, this blog post is being written because my sociology professor asked me if I had a list of my favorite podcasts somewhere and I realized I did not. (Hi, Matt!)

I’m currently subscribed to 31 podcasts, although two are election-based and will be over with the November election. I have narrowed it down to 10 favorites, divided up by category. (Yes, that’s a third of the shows I listen to. I just can’t narrow it down any more, okay?)


Two Dudes Talking

“Hello Internet” with CGP Grey and Brady Haran

The show that originally got me into podcasts, a semi-regular extensive conversation about YouTube, flags, plane crashes, robots, Star Wars, and anything else they feel like talking about.

“Cortex” with Myke Hurley and CGP Grey

Kind of like Hello Internet, except we’ve replaced the Australian with a Londoner and have a slightly more focused set of topics. Grey and Myke talk about how they get work done as independent content creators.

“Analog(ue)” with Casey Liss and Myke Hurley

Myke and Casey talk about their lives.


Advice and Information

“Bad With Money” with Gaby Dunn

This is a pretty new show and it’s fantastic. Gaby Dunn, who I was already familiar with from her work on YouTube, deals with her own money issues and interviews people about their money issues. Roxane Gay was on an episode, so it automatically gets five stars from me (but also, it’s great).

“Dear Hank and John” with Hank and John Green

Hey, I also know these people from YouTube! Hank and John Green are delightful people and they host a comedy podcast about death. This show is hilarious and sometimes actually has good advice, too.


News and Pop Culture

“Call Your Girlfriend” with Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow

Every other week Ann and Amina talk about current events, on the off weeks one does an interview with a really awesome lady (and occasional man).

“The Incomparable” with Jason Snell

Jason Snell hosts a rotating cast of nerds who dissect a different piece of media each week.

“Rocket” with Brianna Wu, Simone de Rochefort, and Christina Warren

Insightful and amusing conversations about news and tech.



“Top Four” with Tiff and Marco Arment

Marco and Tiff rank their top four things in different categories (or at least, sometimes it’s their top four. Often it’s not, because *someone* is terrible at making a 1-4 list).

“Welcome to Night Vale” with Cecil Baldwin

I have no explanation for Welcome to Night Vale, it’s beautiful, brilliant, weird, and occasionally terrifying.