I have a total of five half-written blog posts in my writing folder right now. That might explain why I haven’t posted a blog in the past six weeks.

People have different relationships with deadlines. Some get completely freaked out by the pressure, some can’t work without them. As my college career progresses, I’ve become one of those people who can’t work without deadlines. I also somehow have picked up on the habit of using every single hour available to me. I could have two days or two weeks to write a paper and I would still finish it the night before it’s due. I could have a year to write a paper and I would probably still finish it the night that it’s due. *thesis looms ominously in the distance*

The problem is that there is simply too much going on to prioritize anything that doesn’t have a due date staring me in the face. If I had one thing due in two weeks and no other assignments between now and then, I’d like the think that I could get it done early. However, when I have something due every other day over that two weeks… it’s really difficult to get any amount of substantial work done until two days before it’s due.

And now, we’re back to “I haven’t posted a blog in six weeks.” It also circles around to the point of this blog, which is my new schedule. This is my summer schedule, so it will probably be revised as time goes on and when school comes back, but here it is:

Sunday: Video

Every other Wednesday: Podcast

Thursday: Blog post

Saturday: Word Art


There it is. See you soon.